Mike Preston





Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Multimedia (2003 - 2005)


Managing multimedia projects
Interactive multimedia authoring(1)
Creative solutions for multimedia
3D asset creation
Commercial aspects of multimedia
Design techniques and development methods
Communications using multimedia
3D animation for multimedia
Advanced multimedia coding and authoring for networks
Multimedia industry (essay)
Creating and developing sound for multimedia applications
Interactive digital moving image production
Interactive multimedia authoring(2)
Asset management and protection
Group multimedia design and development project


BTEC (NVQ4) in Electronic Media and Business Communication at Hoxton Bibliotech (1999) using:

Quark Xpress
Dreamweaver 2
Flash 3

Training in sub editing was also included in the course.


Multimedia production using Macromedia Director MX

Movie editing using Adobe Premiere 1.5

Using Flash 8 and Actionscript

Desktop publishing using Quark, PageMaker or Publisher

Production of web pages using HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks 8

Sub editing

The use of paint, drawing and 3D programs including Studio Max

VRML authoring

Using spreadsheets

Using databases

Setting up conferences

Preparing reports

Communicating with people

Giving advice and information

Chairing meetings

Managing staff

Previous experience in the use of: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Corel Paint, Corel Draw, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Lotus 123, Lightwave, Imagine, Cinema 4D, trueSpace5, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator.

Past Experience in Multimedia

Creating a website for the Pineapple Agency 1999, upgrade 2004 .

Working with a lightshow in the early 70's with mixed media including visual effects and multiple projection, mainly with the band Hawkwind.

Producing sounds for a performance in 1974, based on Picasso's Guernica, using BBC sound effects mixed with synthesised sounds using a VCS3 synthesizer, quadrophonic sound and four speakers at different heights to create a three-dimensional effect.

Past Employment

Community Officer (1979-98) London Borough of Hackney:

My responsibilities in the post were:

Working in the Community Access Centre: In the Community Access Centre, which provided free computer use for residents of Hackney, I took a turn in training people to use the internet, email, graphics, word processing and desktop publishing.

Helping organisations with the preparation of newsletters: I helped several tenants associations with the preparation of their newsletters. I produced newsletters and leaflets on behalf of T.A's also using Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw, Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Producing and maintaining a database of local organisations: I produced a profile of groups and organisations in the Shoreditch Neighbourhood. This was based on a Microsoft Access database and involved the collection of information including interviews.

Assisting in the formation of new voluntary tenants' bodies e.g. tenants' associations: I helped to set up over 50 tenants' associations, I was involved in arranging steering group meetings, assisting in the preparation of constitutions and publicising of general meetings, attending and minuting the first general meeting, advising the new committee on procedures and organising training.

Giving advice on funding: I gave advice to organisations on various sources of funding including European funding, Lottery Charities Board funding and Tenants' Levy funding. I was also involved in auditing the use of funding, and am experienced in the use of spreadsheets.

Making training available: ln addition to setting up Tenants' Training, I have also advised Tenants Associations how to use the service. In addition to advising them on other sources of training, e.g. the Community Accountancy Project, I have carried out training in committee skills and an introduction to computing.

Liaising with and empowering local groups: I have helped groups to sort out internal problems, to work with other groups, and to get funding. I was involved in facilitating Shoreditch consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan, including promoting the arts in Hoxton and the setting up of a trust to run Shoreditch Town Hall.

Managing staff: Between 1982 and 1992 I was responsible for the management of LBH community hall cleaning staff in Stoke Newington. This involved dealing with time sheets. checking on the quality of work and the supply of materials.


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